Clara Maier Ceramics

About me

Clay appeals to me because it is such a versatile material. It  can be worked in many different ways either on the wheel or hand built, functional or sculptural. The shape possibilities of form and construction are endless. The surface treatment allows a further variation of diversity. For an artist, clay provides unlimited freedom as a means of expression.
  My intention is to create functional ceramic ware for use. The bond between the user and the ceramics piece is very important to me. My process of making the object is only then fully completed when it fulfils its function and is in use in the life of someone else.
  My love for Abstract Expression Art is clearly evident in my ceramics. Contemporary Australian Aboriginal likewise have an impact on me. I admire the overwhelming beauty of the work and also acknowledge the essential reference of spiritual storytelling and mapping of traditional land areas.
  My painting on the surface and the application of slips is a spontaneous act. My own task is to harmonize chaos, by resolving the formations I make to complete an overall end structure . I never know what it will look like until I am finished. I want to bring a freshness alive, a feeling of movement that is not forced. I experiment in composition of line, space, shape and color combination.
  I have a Bachelor of Visual Arts from the ANU Canberra School of Arts in Australia. I am a New Zealander born in the U.S.A and currently living in Germany. I teach children ceramic classes at the Jugend Kunst Schule Erlangen.